Spiral Welded Steel Pipes

NOKSEL, with its superior quality production and service values, manufactures spiral welded steel pipes and profiles for a better world and a healthier tomorrow.
Spiral Welded Pipes

Production Standards

American Standard / ANSI - API 5L specifies the production of seamless and welded steel pipes (grades psl1 and psl2) for the transportation of oil and natural gas.
ISO 3183
Turkish Standard / Technical and structural standard for steel pipes used for pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industry.
EN 10217
European Standard / Technical and structural delivery conditions for welded pipes of circular cross-section made of unalloyed quality steel with specified room temperature properties.
AWWA C 200
For electrically butt-welded straight seam or spiral seam, 6 inch (150 mm) nominal diameter and larger pipes for use in water transmission, distribution and other water facilities.
GOST 20295
Russian Standard / Specified for longitudinal and spiral welded steel pipes for use in gas and oil lines.
EN 10224
European Standard / Technical standard for steel pipes and fittings for the transportation of water and other fluids.
ASTM A 252
Applies to pipe piles where cylindrical steel pipes are used as a permanent load bearing element.
EN 10219
European Standard / Consisting of structural and technical delivery requirements for steel pipes.
4 - 26 mm
219,1 - 3300 mm
PIPE LENGTH - Gas, Oil and Water Pipes
6 - 18,5 m
PIPE LENGTH - PilING and StructurAL Pipes
6 - 40 m

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