Company Policies

NOKSEL leading its sector by
being human-based and open to innovation,
placing quality at the basis of its every business, and
prioritizing nature and society


- to be innovative, competitive, and leader in its sector via its product quality and diversity encompassing customer demands and needs in developing market conditions

- to increase the knowledge and skills of all employees, adapt teamwork, and spread quality awareness

- to act with innovative approach, implement awareness of continuous development, and realize continuity of all these principles together with its employees, customers, and suppliers

- to be an organization that adapts and follows upon (1) continuous development of quality management systems, (2) constant improvement in accordance with requirements of ISO and API, and (3) responsiveness to the needs and expectations of all interested parties

- to ensure that this quality management system is integrated with existing business processes and to be a company that evaluates and applies risks and opportunities in all processes of the organization

ISO 9001: 2015
API Specification Q1: 9
OHSAS 18001

Information Security

- to ensure that the activities carried out effectively, accurately, quickly, and securely

- to comply with customer requirements and legal obligations

- to be aware of and manage the risks in confidentiality, accessibility, and integrity of all kinds of information assets whether belongs to our company or customers, suppliers, and business partners

- to create full participation and high awareness of information security concept throughout the company by means of continuous trainings and consultancy

- to become an organization that always improves and develops so that information is safe from new risks by systematically addressing and revising information security


Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety

- to protect the health, safety, and welfare of employees, the environment, work areas, and nearby residents

- to comply with all relevant obligations (national and international legislations, requirements, and relevant standards)

- to train its employees, customers, and contractors in the field of environment, occupational health and safety and to ensure that they reach and sustain this awareness

- to ensure continuous improvement and development in these matters

- to establish management systems related to the environmental & occupational health and safety by providing necessary resources to adapt to continuously developing technology and working conditions

- to continuously improve environmental performance through the provision of products and services that will prevent all kinds of waste disposal and environmental pollution at the source, and to periodically review these goals and objectives, and to provide sufficient information to achieve them

- to plan and implement steps towards sustainability by assessing risks and opportunities within the life-cycle of all products and resources and the company

- to carry out activities that will minimize water and energy consumption, prevent soil, air, and water pollution, and recycle the wastes generated, to the maximum extent, with an environmentally friendly approach

- to take all kinds of measures in accordance with other requirements on occupational health and safety, to prevent possible accident risks, and to eliminate other risks with proactive approach as a result of an effective risk assessment

- to regularly review all its activities within the organization in order to ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of environmental management systems


Quality Control & Assurance

- a quality control system is in place that includes all production stages and shipment, starting from the raw material (sheet metal, etc.) and the selection of the wire and powder used in welding

- this quality control system, which is managed on a fully computerized network, is free from human error to the greatest extent

- with its established management systems within ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Standards, NOKSEL always strives to stay ahead of the competition in its market

- quality control is an indispensable element of NOKSEL, and the tests and controls required to be carried out within the scope of customer requests and relevant standards are accomplished with great care using the most modern measuring and testing devices

OHSAS 18001
ISO 14001: 2015
ISO 9001: 2015

Fight Against Bribery and Corruption

NOKSEL conducts all its activities within the framework of the following principles:
- Honesty
- Transparency
- Impartiality
- Confidentiality
- Compliance with laws and regulations


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