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Sections from Noksel life, spanning more than 33 years,
constantly evolving, always aching for the better
1- Noksel Turkey is founded.
2- '88 was the year of the first factory, Noksel Iskenderun.
3- '92 was the year, the factory received the American Petroleum Institute (API) certification.

NOKSEL began its journey by contributing to the limited spiral steel pipe production in the World and in Turkey.
The first factory is established in Iskenderun, Turkey, aiming to produce at World standards.
In 1993, high-volume production was realized for the Tunisian Gas Authority's natural gas pipeline project.
Serving the people of the world has, since then, been NOKSEL's main focus.

4- NOKSEL Hendek Factory is established.
5- In '98, Hendek received the American Petroleum Institute (API) certification and achieved World standards.
6- In 2001, longitudinal hfi / erw welded steel pipe investments are realized in Hendek.

NOKSEL completed its investments in Hendek within 4 years using the financial power of Iskenderun Factory.
The concern for superior quality service and affordable transportation to the west of Turkey and Europe pushed NOKSEL to invest in submerged-arc welding and high frequency induction welding steel pipe production in Hendek District of Turkey.
In 2005, the longest crude oil pipeline project in Turkey, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, was realized.
NOKSEL quality has become indispensable for energy and water transmission projects.

7- Noksel España is established in 2008, becoming Noksel's first overseas production facility.
8- The Lorca Plant, which started producing spiral steel pipes in 2011, earned API certification in 2012.
9- 2016 was the year in which production volume reached its peak for Turkey's longest gas pipeline, TANAP.

With financing from its Iskenderun and Hendek Factories, NOKSEL invested in Spain and has become the only spiral pipe production company in Spain and the most respected brand in the region.
The first natural gas pipe production of the Spanish Factory was for the Oilserv project in Nigeria. The African market adopted NOKSEL ESPAÑA earlier than the European market. The first natural gas pipe for Europe was produced in 2016 for the Polish Gas System.
Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project was the project to supply the gas, urgently needed by Turkey and Europe, was delivered by NOKSEL quality. It was one of the important projects where NOKSEL provided production from all of its factories with devotion while keeping its high quality and standards.

10- 2022 marked the beginning of the partnership between Noksel and Tersan Shipyard.
11- Following is happy years in which Noksel will continue to serve to the benefit of humankind, society, environment, and the World.
As always, Noksel's respected values will remain as its top priority.

Starting a new era in 2022, NOKSEL,
together with its employees, customers, and partners,
will focus
on renewable energy, carbon accounting, and zero-carbon production,
on providing faster and more affordable service to its customers with new investments,
on making its employees happier, increasing their knowledge, experience, and dignity.


Our mission is to contribute to society by supplying sustainably and safely produced steel pipes.


Our vision is to help build a better world with high quality and innovative steel pipes.


Integrity, safety, excellence, creativity, and courage are our core values that unite and sustain us.

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